Top ten articles from 2022

Here are the top ten stories on our website in 2022 based on readership. Click the headlines to view each article.

Some of our recurring monthly articles such as our STIR/SHAKEN statistics feature ranked in the top ten, but we excluded them from this list.

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1. Call blocking notification specifications for SIP 603+ updated

The TRACED Act requires immediate call blocking notification. An updated version of the SIP decline message, dubbed “SIP 603+” has been proposed. Would this be sufficient for notification and redress? In this article, we summarize the proposal so you can decide.

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2. What happens when providers don’t stop robocalls

In a strange turn of events, eight originating service providers did not respond to robocall cease-and-desist letters from the FCC. What happened next? Here’s an overview.


3. Should robocall mitigation requirements be more specific?

The FCC proposed a rule change to strengthen robocall mitigation by making the requirements more specific—something they’ve carefully avoided in the past. This article reviews why they proposed this change and what the new requirements could be.

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4. Webinar recording — Prepare for the FCC SHAKEN deadline

We recorded and posted materials from this webinar to help you understand the regulatory requirements and processes to register for and deploy STIR/SHAKEN in your network.

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5. Indiana robocall settlement puts provider out of business

The Office of the Indiana Attorney General announced a settlement with a service provider accused of facilitating illegal robocalls. The settlement requires the provider and its CEO to exit the telecommunications industry forever. Here’s what happened.

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6. New SHAKEN and robocall rules for gateway providers

The new STIR/SHAKEN and robocall rules for gateway providers were approved on May 19. Here’s a quick recap of the final version.


7. SIP 603+ robocall blocking notification standard approved

The SIP 603+ standard on robocall blocking notification has been approved and published by ATIS.

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8. Is call labeling becoming a protection racket?

Call labeling has been promoted as a valuable service to protect people from unwanted and illegal robocalls. Is this service becoming a protection racket?

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9. Michigan Telephone Solicitation Act proposes hefty penalties

State legislators in Michigan proposed a Telephone Solicitation Act with hefty penalties for violating its provisions. Will this become a model for other states?

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10. China cracks down on telecom fraud

Telecom fraud is a big problem in China. The latest response by a large telecom service provider is the most severe action yet. Will it work, or will users just find other ways to communicate?

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