Robocall prevention for enterprises

Your enterprise is at risk. Bad actors can disrupt communications, crippling your ability to take care of customers. You need to protect your organization.


Why would bad actors attack an organization? Here are a few reasons:

  • Prank by hackers—just to see if they can do it
  • Divert attention while hacking another system
  • Prevent calls to financial institutions while making fraudulent charges or transactions
  • Disable 911 emergency service during a terrorist attack
  • Robocall auto dialer hits a block of numbers in your facility
    • Perpetrator wasn’t trying to take down your system
    • When their script hits your block of numbers, all your phones start ringing, tying up the lines and staff while distracting attention from critical services
Robocall prevention protects your communications


Best practices in robocall prevention include several detection methods:

  1. Check the calling number for warning signs:
    • On-net calls from external sources (e.g., neighbor spoofing)
    • Invalid
    • Do-not-originate
    • High-risk
    • Poor reputation
  2. Use real-time traffic analysis to detect unusual call patterns
  3. Verify the caller ID with STIR/SHAKEN


Once an inbound call is identified as a potential robocall attack, you have the following options to respond to the threat:

  1. Report only, with alerts
  2. Block the call
  3. Send the call to voicemail
  4. Divert the call to a CAPTCHA gateway, which prompts the caller to enter random two digits—humans can do that, but auto dialers cannot and are blocked
  5. Modify the caller display name (CNAM), e.g., <SPAM>, so the called staff member knows when a suspicious call rings

Solution benefits

  • Ensure business continuity in critical telecommunications
  • Enhance corporate resiliency to withstand attacks on communications infrastructure
  • Improve staff efficiency by removing distractions
  • Protect personal information from fraudsters

Our ClearIP and NexOSS software products provide all these capabilities and benefits. Contact us today to learn how TransNexus software can prevent robocalls while enabling your staff to continue to deliver excellent service.

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