Call history analysis and reporting

CDRAnalyzer software is a simple, high-performance application for archiving and locating Call Detail Records (CDRs). You can also use CDRAnalyzer to create reports based on information stored in CDRs.

Have you ever had a question about call history that you couldn’t answer? "Who dialed 911 in May of last year? How many calls last month lasted more than 27 minutes?" With CDRAnalyzer, you can answer such questions, and more. The software enables you to create a full CDR archive and pull reports based on any call statistic.

CDRAnalyzer is included with NexOSS and is also available separately.



CDRAnalyzer displays traffic summary reports that you can download as PDFs or CSVs (comma-separated values) for importing into other reporting software.

You can view traffic summaries by source, by destination, by day or breakout. Flexible reporting options enable you to select data for monthly, weekly or any user-defined date range.


With CDRAnalyzer, you can select, view, and download individual or groups of CDRs based on any combination of multiple CDR data fields, including:

  • Time
  • Source
  • Destination
  • Status
  • Quality of Service
  • Other ad hoc queries

Interop partners

CDRAnalyzer integrates seamlessly with BroadWorks, Oracle Acme Packet, Cisco Call Manager, and Metaswitch Perimeta networks. TransNexus partner relationships ensure that our software provides complete CDR analysis for any network.

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You can use CDRAnalyzer to create reports based on information stored in CDRs