Atlantic Coast Automotive prevents TDoS with ClearIP

Atlantic Coast Automotive (ACA) owns several auto dealerships, including 29 locations throughout Florida, Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. One of their dealerships, Kendall Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram, in Kendall, Florida, was besieged by persistent, recurring Telephony Denial of Service (TDoS) attacks. Huge floods of telephone calls would overwhelm their telephone system. During these attacks, staff had difficulty calling out, and customers and prospects struggled to call in. It was crippling their business.

ACA reached out to their PRI (Primary Rate Interface) line provider and upstream voice service provider. These providers had nothing in place to prevent these attacks. ACA management got their lawyers involved and sent letters to these providers. A lot of time was spent, but without effect, and the TDoS attacks continued.

ACA dealerships strive to give their customers great value and attentive service. The disruptions caused by these incessant TDoS attacks were making it very difficult for ACA staff to continue providing this level of service.

Carlos Hernandez, IT Director for ACA, described it as a helpless feeling.

The solution

Mr. Hernandez researched TDoS prevention solutions and found TransNexus. He contacted us, and we recommended our ClearIP software platform and its TDoS prevention capabilities. Because ACA has TDM PRI trunk lines, we also recommended a TelcoBridges TMG800 media gateway to provide an interface to ClearIP.

The TransNexus/TelcoBridges solution was up and running after one day of setup. ACA worked with TransNexus technicians to configure ClearIP to use the following TDoS prevention features:

TelcoBridges technicians provided instruction on the gateway installation and managed the configuration remotely.

Atlantic Coast Automotive Uses ClearIP to Protect Their Business from TDoS Attacks


Carlos Hernandez, IT Director, Atlantic Coast Automotive

“We’ve been using ClearIP TDoS prevention for a year,” said Mr. Hernandez. “The TDoS attacks continue, but with ClearIP, our users have no idea when these attacks happen. TDoS attacks are blocked or diverted, while the good calls go through. The system is working.”

Mr. Hernandez has recommended ClearIP to their PBX vendor and would recommend it to any business faced with TDoS attacks. ClearIP TDoS prevention allows a business’s telephone system to remain functional and enables staff to continue providing great customer service.

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ACA dealerships strive to give their customers great value and attentive service