Reputation service

The Reputation Service checks the reputation of the calling number. Many people use smartphone applications and services that let them report robocalls. This crowdsourcing is used to build databases of robocall caller IDs. When enough people report robocalls from the same calling number, that number eventually acquires a poor reputation.

The Reputation Service offers great flexibility in checking inbound calls. The service can be enabled for specific entities, such as:

  • Called and/or calling number (or number prefix)
  • Calling country
  • Service provider/Group/User

Reputation scores range from 0 to 100. The higher the number, the greater the risk that the call is from a robocaller. The default threshold is 79, which means that calls with a reputation score of 80 or higher trigger the defined action.

For each policy, you define an action, which can be either:

  • Report only
  • Indicate (put the word <SPAM> at the front of the Caller Display Name)
  • Divert to a specified diversion device, e.g., CAPTCHA or voicemail
  • Block the call

You can use SIP Messages and SIP Reports to review Reputation Service outcomes. Some service providers send a report of robocalls blocked to their subscribers who have opted to use the service. It’s a great way to show the value of the service and give customers confidence that it’s working as promised.

The combination of precise policy controls, thresholds, and action, especially CAPTCHA, makes Reputation Service a powerful defense against unwanted robocalls.

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Reputation Service gives your subscribers robocall relief