Shield detection of high-risk and invalid numbers

Shield is a service that identifies high-risk and invalid telephone numbers. The service can inspect inbound calling numbers and/or the outbound called number. By catching these numbers, Shield can quickly prevent unwanted or malicious calls.

TransNexus curates the Shield database of high-risk numbers. We gather these numbers from published sources, such as are provided by the FCC, from known high-cost fraud destinations, from our own honeypots, and from blacklisted numbers from our Shield customers.

Invalid numbers are calling and/or called numbers that have invalid length, are malformed, or do not conform to the numbering plan for the calling or called location. By checking for invalid calling and/or called numbers, you can reduce the number of illegitimate calls from robocallers or fraudsters.

The CRTC has mandated that Canadian voice service providers must be able to block calls with invalid calling numbers by 19 December 2019. This mandate was published as CRTC 2018-484.

Here’s a video that demonstrates using Shield to block invalid calling numbers on inbound calls:

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Shield detects calls with invalid and high-risk numbers