Cloud-Based VoIP Fraud Detection

ClearIP® is the cloud-based platform for advanced telecom fraud detection. No on-premise server required. Minimal setup time. Just direct a SIP trunk to the ClearIP fraud management system and start protecting your telephone network. Pay as you go.

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Prevent VoIP fraud using SIP Analytics® in the cloud

Five Reasons to Choose ClearIP:

  1. Easiest telecom fraud management system to deploy—no hardware or software to install, and it’s self-learning
  2. Real-time visibility into SIP traffic for fraud prevention and call activity monitoring—know what’s happening in your network
  3. SIP traffic monitoring is faster than CDR monitoring and simpler than network probes—stop fraud faster and easier
  4. Wide-range of optional policy controls to fine-tune fraud alert handling—less monitoring and intervention by staff
  5. Price performance leader, with free evaluation, monthly billing based on call volume and no long-term commitments—save money

Hosted Telecom Fraud Detection

Real-time fraud detection in the cloud, powered by our pioneering SIP Analytics, detects fraud before it enters your network. Unlike CDR analysis, SIP Analytics inspects calls before call setup and stops fraud attacks immediately. It's the fastest telecommunication fraud detection technique available.

ClearIP identifies a variety of fraud signatures, including:

  • Fast traffic-pumping
  • Slow traffic-pumping
  • Toll Fraud
  • Theft of service
  • Robocalling
  • Wangiri

SIP Analytics is self-learning. It calculates fraud threshholds based upon historical call patterns in your network and sensitivity controls that you can adjust to fine-tune fraud alert handling.

Blacklisting and Whitelisting

ClearIP supports flexible blacklisting and whitelisting of calling and called numbers. Subscribers can create their own customized blacklists and whitelists. You can also use the TransNexus Shield database of blacklist numbers, which we update hourly.

Number Portability Dip

With ClearIP, you have the option to receive the Location Routing Number (LRN) in a SIP 302 response for calls to U.S. numbers at no extra charge. Save money on LRN dips while protecting your network with the fastest fraud detection solution available.

Ready for Caller Authentication with STIR/SHAKEN

Nuisance robocalls are difficult to avoid because robocallers can spoof their caller ID. The telecom industry has developed a technical standard, STIR, and a framework, SHAKEN, to validate caller ID using certificates, public/private keys, and encryption. We've added STIR/SHAKEN functionality to ClearIP, and it's ready for you to evaluate today.

Powerful UI and Reporting

It's never been easier to start preventing fraud in your network with ClearIP's powerful, easy-to-use user interface. ClearIP also has extensive reporting your organization needs to thoroughly understand call and fraud detection activity.

Month-to-Month Billing and Free Trial

It's easy to start your free, month-to-month, no commitment trial today. Sign up for an interactive demonstration using the form above and start protecting your network. Preventing telecom fraud has never been easier.