TelWare uses ClearIP to protect their customers from robocalls

Robocalls are a growing problem for enterprise organizations. Every day, robocalls and telephony denial of service (TDoS) attacks disrupt business and interfere with customer service. We’ve noticed an uptick in customer and service providers desperately looking for solutions.

TelWare was one of these companies looking for a proactive solution. They needed to end the major problems with robocalls. Their customers were constantly bombarded with annoying interruptions. Blocking the numbers after the fact was not a permanent solution.

The situation was unacceptable for the end users and for the TelWare corporation.


TelWare is a Charlotte, North Carolina based managed service provider of technology solutions. They provide unified communications, networking, data center, infrastructure and cloud services. TelWare specializes in serving organizations with many site locations. Their customers represent a variety of industries and very different verticals.

TelWare offers solutions that keep pace with the latest technical requirements. Attention to detail is important to this service provider. TelWare uses ProSBC from TelcoBridges. Brian, Telware’s Senior Voice Engineer, spoke to his TelcoBridges representative about the robocall problem. TelcoBridges recommended TransNexus.

Solution: ClearIP Robocall Prevention

After reviewing the situation with TelWare, we proposed robocall prevention services available with ClearIP, our telecom solutions platform hosted in the cloud. We believed it would provide the capabilities needed. Deployment would be fast and simple for TelWare.

TelcoBridges helped TelWare configure the network settings required. ClearIP was configured to use the Reputation Service, SIP Analytics, and the CAPTCHA gateway for diversion and IVR challenge on the suspected robocalls. The setup took about 10 minutes.


“The customer noticed an immediate change”, said Brian. “They log every inbound call. As soon as ClearIP services started, robocalls disappeared from their call log. The Reputation Service was catching about 95% of the robocalls. SIP Analytics caught the rest.”

Checking the email alerts from the client’s CAPTCHA gateway, Brian found that there were no false positives.

“Implementation was the easiest setup we’ve ever done,” said Brian. “We received a very quick response to our inquiry, and setup was very fast.”

According to Brian, diverting and blocking unwanted robocalls has also helped TelWare support. With ClearIP robocall prevention in place, there are fewer support calls from customers. Customers are no longer asking TelWare Support to manually blacklist numbers.

“TelWare is constantly evolving with technology to deliver the services our customers want,” said TelWare’s Marketing Manager, Jessica Paxton. “The ClearIP service has helped us with that.”.

With easy deployment, annoying robocalls blocked and happy customers, ClearIP is a winner!

TelWare uses ClearIP to protect their customers from robocalls