FCC Report and Order on one-ring scam calls

The FCC released a Report and Order on one-ring scam calls. In this order, the Commission implemented addresses such calls as required by the TRACED Act. Here’s an overview.

One-ring scam calls

One-ring scam calls, also called Wangiri fraud, have been around for years. Here’s how this attack profile works:

  1. A fraudster programs a computer to call many phone numbers.
  2. With each call, the calling number is spoofed. The indicated calling number is an expensive premium rate number.
  3. The calling script is programmed to disconnect the call after one ring. Wangiri is Japanese for “one and cut.”
  4. In some variations, the calls may be placed late at night in the called party’s time zone to wake up and annoy the victim. The calls also may be repeated to further irritate the victim.
  5. The victim returns the call. The premium rate number is set up to play a long message to keep the victim on the call for as long as possible, running up the charges.

Waves of one-ring scam calls have been reported in the US and Canada in recent years.

FCC Report and Order on one-ring scam calls


Section 12 of the TRACED Act directs the FCC to protect called parties from one-ring scams. Accordingly, the Commission has taken the following steps:

  1. Issued proposed rulemaking on April 28, 2020
  2. Received commentary and published it on July 8, 2020.
  3. Issued a Report and Order on November 30, 2020.

FCC Report and Order on one-ring scam calls

In their Report and Order on one-ring scam calls, the Commission takes the following steps:

  • Explicitly enable voice service providers to block calls from telephone numbers that are highly likely to be associated with one-ring scams, considering such factors as the calling telephone number and call patterns.
  • Extend to one-ring scam call blocking a safe harbor for inadvertent blocking of wanted robocalls using reasonable analytics.

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