Stopping Bad Robocalls Act reintroduced in Congress

Frank Pallone Jr., Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce committee

Frank Pallone Jr., chairman of the House Energy and Commerce committee and House representative from New Jersey, announced today that he has reintroduced the Stopping Bad Robocalls Act (HR 946) into the House of Representatives to stop abusive robocall practices.

The Stopping Bad Robocalls Act would:

  • Amend the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) to give the FCC greater authority to enact rules for the prevention of unwanted robocalls
  • Allow consumers to revoke consent they had previously given to receive calls
  • Establish a reassigned number database
  • Limit the number of robocalls exempted from the TCPA under the FCC’s rules
  • Require caller ID information authentication and verification
  • Extend the statute of limitations from one year to four years for callers violating robocall prohibitions.

Verified caller identification

The caller ID verification provisions in this legislation would require voice service providers to:

  • Implement technology that verifies that caller ID information is accurate for call recipients within the US.
  • Prevent subscribers from receiving calls unless:
    • Caller ID information is verified, or
    • No caller ID information was transmitted in the call.
  • Accept requests from subscribers to unblock calls that have unverified caller ID information.
  • Implement caller ID verification technology and perform the required call handling at no additional cost to subscribers.

The technology used to implement these provisions is not named in the legislation, but clearly it’s STIR/SHAKEN.

Our STIR/SHAKEN solutions

TransNexus ClearIP and NexOSS software products have comprehensive STIR/SHAKEN functionality built in and ready to go.

These solutions are unique in their capability to provide flexible policy controls that enable you to control how your telecom network performs STIR/SHAKEN services for different subscribers and how their calls should be handled based upon STIR/SHAKEN results.

TransNexus software products can perform STIR/SHAKEN operations along with a broad portfolio of other services, including:

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