TransNexus Launches Discover SHAKEN Workshop

The Discover SHAKEN workshop helps telecom service providers get ready for SHAKEN testing to prevent unwanted robocalls

ATLANTA, Georgia, May 17, 2018 — TransNexus today announced a new service, their Discover SHAKEN Workshop, to help telecom service providers prepare for testing and deployment of SHAKEN technology to prevent unwanted robocalls.

“Momentum is building for deployment of SHAKEN,” said Jim Dalton, CEO of TransNexus. “Our Discover SHAKEN workshop will help telecom service providers develop test plans and business strategies tailored specifically to work with their network equipment and call scenarios.”

TransNexus has developed software capabilities for SHAKEN, tested it with their systems and the ATIS test bed, and are working with customers to achieve production-readiness. TransNexus has used this experience to develop the Discover SHAKEN workshop and make it available for other service providers, regardless of which brand of network equipment they use.

“The Discover SHAKEN workshop prepares a service provider for interop testing and the steps that follow” said Dalton. “It will give senior managers a thorough understanding of the technical arrangements and business policies that would make sense for their company in a production environment.”

Notes to editors:

Information on the SHAKEN framework is available here.