Junction Connections provides robocall relief with ClearIP


Junction Connections customers were asking for relief from annoying, unwanted robocalls. Junction Connections turned to TransNexus for help. Here’s their story.

Junction Cloud Connections has built their reputation on providing virtual and dedicated phone systems with features that rival those in the enterprise sector, for a fraction of the cost. They needed to provide robocall prevention to keep their customers happy.

Customers demanding robocall relief

“A lot of our customers were getting too many robocalls. Our competitors were offering solutions. We didn’t want to lose our customers to the competition.”

“We had met with TransNexus at IT EXPO and learned about their robocall solutions. So, we contacted them again to find out how they might help us.”

Solution: ClearIP robocall prevention

“We discussed ClearIP robocall solutions with TransNexus, and it seemed like this would solve our problem. We liked that it would work with our existing network and systems.”

“TransNexus engineers worked with us to understand our network and help us with questions. We were able to get it up and running fairly easily: within 2 hours the network was set up to flag robocalls!”

“Once we were connected, we started using the ClearIP Phone Number Reputation Lookup to divert robocalls to customer voicemail. They love it—just as we hoped they would.”

Telecom fraud prevention

Junction Connections initially used ClearIP just for robocall prevention. Then one of their customers was hit with a telecom fraud attack, and the customer incurred a $2,000 loss.

Junction Connections decided to enable ClearIP fraud prevention too, which safeguarded their entire network and customers.

“The next time we saw a fraud attack, losses were only $15. We’re happy with how quickly ClearIP blocks these attacks while allowing normal calls to go through. Our customers don’t even realize it when a fraud attack is blocked.”

Least Cost Routing

“We’ve also implemented the new ClearIP least cost routing service. We had been doing LCR with our billing system, but we weren’t happy with the cost of the service.”

“ClearIP LCR handles local routing, which more carriers have introduced into their rate plans. Our previous LCR system didn’t handle this requirement, but ClearIP does it out-of-the-box.”

“It took only a few minutes to learn and set up. It uses the LRN (Location Routing Number) and jurisdictional routing—just what we need.”

“We’re able to quickly deploy ClearIP LCR and keep using our current equipment and software. It’s been flawless. We’re very happy with it.”


“We felt like TransNexus waved a magic wand. They’re way ahead of the rest of the industry with their capabilities. They helped us get set up quickly, and now our customers and our business are receiving the benefits of robocall prevention, telecom fraud protection and least cost routing.”

“It’s been great for us and our customers, and we would recommend TransNexus ClearIP to any organization that needs these capabilities.”

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