Regulatory deadlines to watch

Several robocall mitigation and STIR/SHAKEN deadlines are just around the corner. All U.S. providers will be affected by at least some of these rules and should be making their compliance plans. Here’s a recap.

Regulatory deadlines

The following table lists imminent regulatory requirements. Some compliance dates are confirmed, while others are awaiting either publication in the Federal Register or approval by the Office of Management and Budget. These regulations are sorted by their confirmed date, if available, or our estimate of the likely compliance dates based on typical turnaround time—stay tuned. Some of these regulations have lengthy explanations; see the published rules for full details.

RegulationApplies ToDatesStatusInformation
Perform robocall mitigationAll providers60 days after publication in the Federal RegisterFederal Register publication pendingBlog post
Update Robocall Mitigation Database (RMD) certification and file a Robocall Mitigation Plan in the RMDAll providersThe later of 30 days after OMB approval and subsequent publication in the Federal Register1 or any deadline set by the Wireline Competition BureauFederal Register publication, OMB review, final publication pendingBlog post
Implement STIR/SHAKENSmall facilities-based voice service providersJune 30, 2023ConfirmedBlog post
Implement STIR/SHAKEN, sign unsigned calls with NANP calling numbersGateway providersJune 30, 2023ConfirmedFederal Register
Robotext blocking rulesMobile wireless providersSix months after OMB approval and subsequent publication in the Federal RegisterPublished, awaiting OMB review and final publicationFederal Register
Implement STIR/SHAKEN, sign unsigned calls with NANP calling numbersFirst non-gateway intermediate provider in the call pathDecember 31, 2023Federal Register publication pendingBlog post

  1. The Paperwork Reduction Act requires agencies to send new regulations to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for review if compliance requires significant administrative effort. The compliance date for such regulations is set after the OMB review is completed. 

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