FCC sends STIR/SHAKEN report to U.S. Congress

The FCC sent a STIR/SHAKEN report to the U.S. Congress. This report describes the Commission’s assessment of the efficacy of the technologies used in STIR/SHAKEN. Here’s a recap.

  • STIR/SHAKEN is effective at authenticating caller ID information.
  • Some providers may be applying the standards inconsistently or incorrectly.
    • This could result in an investigation for noncompliance with the Commission’s rules.
  • STIR/SHAKEN has beneficial network effects. For this reason, the Commission has expanded the scope of STIR/SHAKEN implementation requirements and declined to extend the small provider extension beyond June 30, 2023.
  • Some commenters urged the Commission to address the non-IP extension.

This report fulfills a requirement in the TRACED Act that the FCC report on the efficacy of STIR/SHAKEN technology no later than three years after the enactment of the Act.

Our thoughts

We think this report is a fair assessment of STIR/SHAKEN so far. The report gives credit to STIR/SHAKEN’s effectiveness when used properly. The report is candid about issues that undermine the effort.

STIR/SHAKEN can realize its full potential when calls are signed at origination by providers who have a direct, authenticated relationship with the caller and the calling number. This authentication information must then arrive intact for the terminating provider to verify and use in call validation treatment.

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