FCC to consider SHAKEN for TDM

The FCC will consider launching an inquiry into SHAKEN for TDM at its October open meeting. Here’s what’s happening.

The Commission circulated a draft notice of inquiry, Reviewing Policies for Caller ID Authentication on Non-IP Networks, which they will consider at their open meeting on October 27, 2022. The announcement comes with lots of disclaimers that this is only a draft, and everything is tentative.

Still, this notice is a big deal. As we’ve been reporting in our monthly STIR/SHAKEN statistics blog posts, STIR/SHAKEN effectiveness is being undermined by the non-IP SHAKEN extension. There’s been a steady increase in the number of voice service providers signing calls they originate, yet the number of calls received at termination with SHAKEN information intact remains stuck at around 24%.

The proposed Notice of Inquiry is 22 pages. Here are the main points to be addressed:

  • Prevalence of non-IP technology in the country’s phone networks and the impact on the problem of illegal robocalls.
  • Comments on the two standards for call authentication in non-IP networks.
  • Any alternative technological or policy solutions?
  • What about the telephone network transition to IP? How does that impact decisions on non-IP call authentication? Are there specific steps the Commission can take to encourage the transition to IP?

The draft notice indicates comments will be due December 12, 2022 and reply comments will be due January 11, 2023. However, this is tentative and subject to change.

It will be interesting to see where this goes.

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