Ohio robocall legislation passed

Another state is moving toward enacting robocall legislation. The Ohio legislature has passed Senate Bill 54 in both houses. The legislation is directed at robocallers and voice service providers who enable their robocalls. Here’s an overview.


Senate Bill 54 targets robocallers and voice service providers who enable their calls. Voice service providers are subject to this law if any of the following is true:

  • The voice service provider (VSP) is designated as a non-cooperative carrier by the Robocall Traceback Consortium,
  • The VSP originated the voice service or text message for the robocaller,
  • The VSP is the first domestic provider handling the voice service or text message that originates outside of the United States.


A court may impose civil penalties of $500 for each violation. If a court finds that the defendant willfully or knowingly committed the violation, the court may impose penalties of $1,500 for each violation.

The Ohio Attorney General may initiate criminal prosecution with a county prosecutor. If found guilty, the perpetrators would face a felony conviction and time in prison.

Senate Bill 54 was introduced by State Senator Theresa Gavarone and is cosponsored by 69 legislators in the House and Sentate. The legislation goes before Gov. Mike DeWine for his review and signature.

Ohio Senate Chamber

Ohio Senate Chamber


As we noted with the recent enactment of a robocall law in New York, states are moving fast to go after robocallers and voice service providers who know, or should have known, about illegal robocalls.

The laws closely follow federal laws and policy. The purpose is to give state prosecutors enforcement authority. If the feds don’t get the robocallers and voice service providers who enable them, then the state AGs will.

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