FCC compliance dates for Reassigned Number Database data

The FCC announced that, beginning July 27, 2020, voice service providers must start maintaining data for the Reassigned Numbers Database. This database will be used to reduce the number of phone calls intended for someone else.

Small business voice service providers have an additional six months, until January 27, 2021, to comply. A small provider is defined as having 100,000 or fewer subscriber lines as reported on their most recent Forms 477, aggregated over all the provider’s affiliates.

The data to be collected includes the date of the most recent permanent disconnection for telephone numbers assigned to or ported to the provider.

This notice of compliance date only applies to the requirement to begin collecting data. The FCC will announce compliance dates for sending such data to the Reassigned Numbers Database once that database has been established.

FCC announce compliance dates for Reassigned Number Database data collection