Wangiri telecom fraud activity reported in Canada

The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre has reported a recent wave of Wangiri telecom fraud calls to Canadian telephone subscribers in the Montreal area. Here’s what’s happening.

In the Wangiri fraud attack profile, the fraudster programs their auto dialer to ring each telephone call once, then hang up before the called party can answer. The caller ID is a high-cost overseas number. The fraudster hopes that victims will be tempted to return the missed call.

When a victim does return the call, their telephone account will be charged at a very expensive rate.

The countries associated with the calling numbers used in this wave of Wangiri attacks have included the Congo, Argentina, El Salvador, and the Central African Republic.

Several Fido telephone service customers have reported receiving these Wangiri calls.

Consumers are encouraged not to call back one-ring calls from overseas numbers that they don’t recognize.

TransNexus solutions

Our ClearIP and NexOSS software products use SIP Analytics to detect and prevent Wangiri fraud attacks. Suspected Wangiri calls can be blocked or diverted either to voicemail or CAPTCHA, an IVR system that requires human interaction, which an auto dialer can’t provide.

If you’re a telephone service provider worried about safeguarding your subscribers from Wangiri fraud, contact us today to learn how SIP Analytics can prevent these calls from victimizing your customers while allowing good calls to go through.

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Wangiri fraud attacks in Montreal