Canadian providers must block invalid calling numbers

The CRTC issued a mandate on 19 December 2018, CRTC 2018-484, that requires Canadian carriers and other telecommunications service providers to block calls terminating on their networks with invalid calling numbers. The implementation deadline is twelve months from the date of this decision, 19 December 2019.

The blocking criteria includes caller IDs that do not conform to the North American Numbering Plan.

Service providers are required to notify their customers of impending network-level call blocking 60 days prior to implementation, which would be 20 October 2019 at the very latest.

TransNexus solutions

TransnNexus ClearIP and NexOSS software products both have these call filtering capabilities out-of-the-box. The software can block calls with invalid caller ID length or format, in addition to a variety of other flexible blocking capabilities. This video shows you how, in just 35 seconds!

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Shield can block calls with invalid calling numbers