Robocalls in the news

New York Magazine recently ran an article on increasing robocall volume. They reported that there were 3.4 billion robocalls placed in April 2018, up from 2.5 billion in April of 2017—a 36% increase. Furthermore, while in 2014 the average American received 15 spam phone calls a month, by 2018 the average American was getting slammed with 23 spam phone calls a month.

The article reported some good news, too: the STIR/SHAKEN technology would prevent telephone customers from being fooled by fake caller IDs used by robocall perpetrators. And when customers stop answering unsigned/unverified calls, robocall activity will decrease. Game over for robocalls.

Jim Dalton, TransNexus CEO, was quoted in the article, along with Jim McEachern, principal technologist at the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS).

Robocalls are not just a nuisance, they're also a way to commit telecom fraud. Robocall perpetrators typically attempt to trick customers into revealing personal information or making payments for services. For example, one scam involves a robocaller impersonating a collector from a utility company who tries to get the customer to settle their balance over the phone with a credit card.

TransNexus offers software products and services that help telecom service providers protect their customers from unwanted robocalls. These include:

  1. Robocalling fraud triggers—the software identifies robocallers by the number of calls made over a given time frame.
  2. Phone number reputation lookup—this service matches the caller ID against a crowd-sourced database of robocallers.
  3. Blacklisting to prevent neighbor-spoofing—our software's blacklist feature can be used to divert calls from similar phone numbers to a CAPTCHA gateway.
  4. Shield database of high-risk numbers—this service uses our TransNexus Shield database of high-risk numbers.
  5. STIR/SHAKEN—call authentication is essential to prevent unwanted robocalls. Our software is ready-to-go with STI today.

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