Thirty state AGs support FCC robocall efforts

The FCC recently asked for public comment around the advanced methods (STIR and SHAKEN) to eliminate robocalls. In response, 30 state attorneys general commented to show their support for the methods as well as the push by the FCC to actively address robocalls.

In their document on the FCC website, the attorneys lend their support for the work currently being done. They note that all the states have seen significant increases in complaints over the last few years. In their letter, they use Arizona as an example. Between 2014 and 2016, the state of Arizona experienced a 1000% increase in complaints!

The attorneys acknowledge that new technological advances in blocking calls, like STIR and SHAKEN, won’t solve all illegal robocalls, but they will make be a significant difference for consumers.

Public comment around illegal robocalls and the new efforts to prevent them (STIR and SHAKEN) continue and TransNexus will monitor the public comments as they come into the FCC site.