New Study on the Market for International Premium Rate Numbers

Revenue sharing from international premium rate numbers is the powerful incentive that drives a global, billion dollar telecom fraud racket. The question we hear from victims is "who are these fraudsters and what is the incentive for international revenue sharing fraud (IRSF)?"

To help provide more insight to the IRSF world,TransNexus has just released a new white paper that describes its survey of 121 premium rate number providers over the last year.

This data was collected during the compilation of the TransNexus Shield database of high-risk number ranges. This white paper provides a summary view of this global eco-system that enables international revenue sharing fraud. The survey includes the advertised payout rates for premium rate numbers in 201 country codes with 8,642 different premium rate number products. The lowest advertised payout rate was $0.00013/minute (Ireland) and the highest was $2.325/minute (United Kingdom). The overall average payout was $0.094/minute.