Innovation in the Outbound Dialer Market

TransNexus is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia – a city that made the news earlier this year for an epic traffic jam caused by mid-day snow and ice. The snow hit the city unexpectedly, causing everyone to leave their offices for home at about the same time. This Atlanta worker can tell you that it was not pretty.

When snow threatened the city again a few weeks later, however, we managed to get by without any major problems. Why was that? Well, one of the reasons can be traced back to a recently revived telephony trend—the outbound dialer system.

For the second snowstorm, the state and local governments of Georgia used outbound dialers to send robocalls to employees on their cell phones, releasing those who lived outside of the Atlanta perimeter early, proactively preventing the traffic problems from the first storm.

This type of innovative use of dialer systems is helping to give the industry a major reputation rehabilitation. After years of problems with legislation and public dislike, the dialer market is in the midst of resurgence.

This white paper will detail how and why the market is growing once again, and how smart companies are using dialers. Click here to read the entire story at