TransNexus announces secure branded calling capabilities

NexOSS platform integration with Branded Calling platforms ensures that branded calling takes place on legitimate calls and does not appear on illegitimate spoofed calls.

ATLANTA, Georgia (November 14, 2023) — TransNexus, a leader in innovative software to manage and protect telecommunications networks, today announced the development of secure branded calling capabilities in its NexOSS software platform.

Branded Calling is a value-added service that voice service providers can offer their customers to enable them to identify their brand on outbound calls. Secure presentation of an accurate brand improves call completion to make their calling efforts more effective.

TransNexus has added branded calling integration to its NexOSS software platform. This enables the use of a pre-call API to notify a third-party branded calling service that a legitimate call is being placed from an enterprise customer’s calling number. This API notification causes the branded calling service to use branded calling configuration and assets on the call to enable the caller’s brand to be presented to the called party.

Should a rogue robocaller spoof the enterprise’s calling number, then the pre-call API will not be notified, and branded calling assets will not be presented on the spoofed call. Benefits of this approach include:

  • An enterprise’s customers, prospects, and partners are more likely to answer legitimate calls and less likely to be fooled by illegally spoofed calls.
  • The enterprise brand is more trusted in telephone communications.
  • This prevents branded calling fees from being charged on illegally spoofed calls.
  • Service providers can offer this service offering to their customers to improve the value they get from their services.

TransNexus has developed this integration with an initial third-party branded calling platform and is working with others. This new integration will be generally available in January 2024.

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