TransNexus ClearIP least cost routing enhancements

New Capabilities Provide Greater Flexibility, Scalability and Efficiency

ATLANTA, Georgia, December 16, 2020 — TransNexus today announced enhancements to ClearIP least cost routing features. The updated software enables voice service providers to configure a much larger pool of routing destinations for improved cost savings, load balancing and failover capability.

Least cost routing benefits

When originating a call, service providers can choose from multiple carriers. Finding the cheapest routes saves money.

Each carrier might offer multiple destinations for improved load balancing and failover.

Optimized least cost routing includes the following considerations:

  • Shop the available providers routing tables to save cost
  • Select routing destinations available from each provider in a round robin fashion for improved load balancing
  • Send a prioritized, optimized list of routes with each call that the Session Border Controller (SBC) will use to place the call. Sending a list, instead of a single route, improves failover.
Routing network conceptual illustration


The ClearIP least cost routing enhancements significantly expand the number of routes per provider that can be used by the least cost routing algorithm. This provides the following benefits:

  • Each provider can be configured with up to five preference tiers for improved cost savings and quality of service.
  • Each preference tier can be configured with up to 16 destinations for improved load balancing and failover capability.

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