ClearIP routing enhancements

Software enhancements enable sophisticated routing logic

ATLANTA, Georgia, May 28, 2019 — TransNexus today announced enhancements to the routing software in their ClearIP telecom software platform. The new capabilities let telecom service providers define sophisticated provider failover logic when using static or least cost routing.

The enhanced routing functionality lets customers define multiple route groups ranked by priority. For each route group, multiple destinations can be provided for round-robin distribution. The number of destinations returned per route group can also be customized allowing even more flexibility.

For example, using the new routing features, a carrier could limit the number of IP addresses attempted for the least cost provider. The provider may have four IP addresses, but the carrier may wish to only attempt two IP addresses before failing over to the second least cost provider. This gives carriers greater control over the tradeoff between cost efficiency versus post-dial delay.

“Jurisdictional least cost routing has been a well-received application in ClearIP,” said Jim Dalton, TransNexus CEO. “This latest round of enhancements enables our customers to define routing policies with the flexibility and precision they need to maximize efficiency and performance in routing their calls.”

ClearIP is a powerful telecommunications software platform hosted in the cloud for easy, rapid deployment. The software provides a comprehensive portfolio of services to manage and protect telecommunications networks, including:

  • Analytics
  • Telecom fraud prevention
  • Robocall prevention
  • Jurisdictional least cost routing
  • CNAM

ClearIP works with any SIP-based telecom system.

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ClearIP routing enhancements