ClearIP adds new call forwarding blacklist capabilities

Preemptively block telecom fraud attack profiles

ATLANTA, Georgia, July 16, 2019 — TransNexus today announced enhanced blacklisting capabilities added to its ClearIP software platform. The new features enable telephone service providers to blacklist forwarded calls to SPIDs (OCNs) or locations (states/provinces). By setting up default call forwarding blacklists, providers can protect their network and subscribers from common telecom fraud attack profiles.

Jim Dalton, TransNexus CEO

“We’ve noticed an increase in domestic telecom fraud attempts,” said Jim Dalton, TransNexus Chief Executive Officer. “We’re happy to offer new features in ClearIP to stop these attacks in their tracks.”

With Whitelist/Blacklist Forwarded Called SPIDs, providers can preemptively block call forwarding to specific SPIDs/OCNs. This is especially effective in preventing call forwarding attacks to access stimulating service providers.

With Whitelist/Blacklist Forwarded Called Locations, providers first select a country. The software then provides a list of locations for that country. For example, when you select United States, the list of locations includes the states. If you select Canada, then the list of locations includes Canadian provinces. This is especially effective in preventing call forwarding attacks to states that are known for their access stimulating destinations (e.g., Iowa, South Dakota, Minnesota) for subscribers who do not normally call those states.

With any blacklisting scenario, it’s easy to create a default blacklist (e.g., for a SPID or state) then create exceptions for subscribers who need to call or forward calls to those destinations.

About ClearIP

ClearIP is a powerful telecommunications software platform hosted in the cloud. The ClearIP platform provides a comprehensive portfolio of services to manage and protect your telecommunications network.

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