ClearIP enhancements for SPID and location blacklisting

ATLANTA, Georgia, June 13, 2019 — TransNexus today announced blacklisting feature enhancements to its ClearIP software platform. The software now supports blacklisting of the calling or called SPID and the calling or called location.

These features enable customers to either block or divert calls associated with SPIDs or locations, which can quickly prevent domestic traffic pumping telecom fraud attacks.

A SPID is a service provider ID.

A location is a state, province or territory for a specific country.

New blacklist controls

These new blacklisting capabilities include the following:

  • Calling SPIDs
  • Called SPIDs
  • Calling Locations
  • Called Locations

Service providers can set up blacklists for groups of subscribers and override the blacklists for those subscribers who need to make calls to numbers associated with those SPIDs or locations. The configuration options are very flexible to make it easy to set up blacklists quickly.

About ClearIP

ClearIP is a powerful telecommunications software platform hosted in the cloud for easy, rapid deployment. It provides a variety of services, including telecom fraud and spam robocall prevention, routing, and STIR/SHAKEN. ClearIP works well with any SIP-based telecom system.

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