BroadConnect Canada chooses TransNexus SIP Analytics

Fraud prevention solution has tight integration with Cisco BroadWorks OCI API

ATLANTA, Georgia, June 18, 2019 — TransNexus today announced that BroadConnect Canada has chosen the TransNexus NexOSS software to detect and prevent telecom fraud attacks. NexOSS uses SIP Analytics® to block telecom fraud in real time at the beginning of an attack.

“Our customers look to us to provide premier services and technology to keep their networks safe and sound,” said Ravi Prasher, VP of Sales at BroadConnect. “We chose TransNexus because of their integration with Cisco BroadWorks and SIP Analytics fraud control. The automated learning and targeted fraud detection of SIP Analytics enables us to stop fraud attacks against our customers without impacting their normal calls.”

BroadConnect uses BroadWorks, from Cisco, to manage their network. NexOSS is designed for full integration with the BroadWorks OCI API, which enables real time fraud control, reporting and policy controls by serviceProviderId, groupId and userId. These features enable BroadConnect to set up precise, granular policy controls to meet the specific needs of individual customers. When fraud occurs, calls may be blocked, diverted, or torn down based on policies set for each customer.

BroadConnect chose SIP Analytics for its ability to analyze telephone calls before call setup, as opposed to the older method of examining call detail records (CDRs) after calls have completed. SIP Analytics stops telecom fraud attacks much faster than the CDR approach. Side-by-side comparisons in carrier deployments have shown that SIP Analytics can reduce fraud losses by over 99% when compared to fraud detection based on CDRs.

BroadConnect customers include organizations in education, retail, government, healthcare, professional services and manufacturing—vertical market segments where security is critical.

About BroadConnect

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