Targeted pumping robocall and telecom fraud prevention

Improves Telecom Network Performance While Blocking Malicious Calls

ATLANTA, Georgia, June 21, 2018 — TransNexus today announced a new service in their ClearIP software to detect and prevent unwanted robocalls and telecom fraud attacks from disrupting legitimate telecom traffic. This service, Targeted Pumping fraud detection, provides greater flexibility and precision that carriers need to monitor, divert or block these calls.

“We found that robocalling traffic was disrupting performance in our telecom network. The robocall and fraud prevention technology in ClearIP helps us block these calls. As a wholesale telecom service provider, however, we needed additional controls to apply the service within in our network, “said Jay Cox, Transport Director with EvComm, a telecommunications service provider that uses ClearIP for fraud detection and routing. “TransNexus added a targeted-pumping call detection method to ClearIP that gives us exactly what we need to detect and prevent these calls to specific subsets of our network based upon both origin and destination.”

“Robocalls don’t just annoy and defraud subscribers,” said Jim Dalton, CEO of TransNexus. “They can also disrupt a carrier’s network. Working with EvComm, we designed a targeted-pumping call detection feature that gives telecom service providers, either wholesale or retail, greater flexibility and precision to assign these controls to specific subsets of their network. We’re pleased to help our customers with this powerful new feature, so they can continue to provide the reliable, trouble-free service that their customers expect.”

ClearIP is a new software-as-a-service from TransNexus. It’s hosted in the cloud, so service providers can use it without installing any hardware or software on their premises. The software uses SIP Analytics to analyze VoIP (voice-over-internet-protocol) telephone calls in milliseconds, before each call begins. This provides the fastest method of fraud and robocall detection available—much faster than older methods that analyze call detail records after calls are completed.

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About TransNexus

TransNexus is a leader in developing innovative software to manage and protect telecommunications networks. The company has over 20 years’ experience in providing telecom software for least-cost routing, billing support and prevention of telecom fraud and robocalls.