ClearIP Telecom Software Adds Least Cost Routing Feature

Gives Telephone Carriers Quick, Easy Way to Manage Costs

ATLANTA, Georgia, September 19, 2018 — TransNexus today announced that they have added least cost routing functionality to their ClearIP software. This service helps carriers manage their routing costs and the profitability of their business.

ClearIP can perform this service while it also analyzes calls in the carrier’s network for telecom fraud attacks and abusive robocall traffic.

The ClearIP least cost routing enables users to define their rating and routing structure, including providers, products and rate plans. Rates can be uploaded to ClearIP, which then performs a routing assessment and sends a list of routes to the softswitch in a 302 Moved Temporarily SIP message.

“We’re excited to add this capability to ClearIP, our cloud-based telecom software product,” said Jim Dalton, CEO of TransNexus. “We developed ClearIP primarily to provide the fastest possible telecom fraud and robocall prevention available. We found that we were also able to leverage least cost routing experience with our NexOSS software to offer ClearIP customers a simple, effective least cost routing solution.”

ClearIP provides real-time telecom fraud detection in the cloud, powered by TransNexus’s SIP Analytics®. Unlike call detail record (CDR) analysis, SIP Analytics inspects calls before call setup and stops fraud attacks immediately. It's the fastest, most precise telecom fraud detection technique available.

The ClearIP software product offers other services, including precision blacklisting, CNAM, reputation lookup and now, least cost routing. These services can be performed in milliseconds before each call is being set up in the carrier’s network.

Telecom service providers can quickly enable the ClearIP services they wish to apply to their calls. Precision controls enable providers to fine-tune service policies for segments of their call traffic to optimize network performance and customer satisfaction.