ClearIP Phone Number Reputation Lookup blocks robocalls

Blocks nuisance robocalls from known bad callers

ATLANTA, Georgia, April 9, 2018 — TransNexus today announced the availability of a new Phone Number Reputation Lookup to protect telephone subscribers from scams and annoying robocalls. The Phone Number Reputation Lookup is a feature of ClearIP, TransNexus’s award-winning software to protect and manage telecommunications networks. By analyzing the calling number on inbound calls, the Phone Number Reputation Lookup can block or divert scams and robocalls.

“We are excited to offer the ClearIP Phone Number Reputation Lookup to help block annoying calls from known bad callers,” said Jim Dalton, CEO of TransNexus. “This service provides a great solution for companies who wish to block or divert inbound robocalls that would interfere with their call centers and staff. And telecom service providers can use the Phone Number Reputation Lookup to offer robocall prevention as a value-added service option for their customers. We are especially proud of ClearIP’s unique ability to prevent neighbor spoofing, a robocalling tactic that uses fake caller IDs similar to the called numbers.”

Because ClearIP is hosted in the cloud, implementation is straightforward and non-disruptive to an existing telecom network. Just point network traffic to the ClearIP system, which identifies scams and robocalls in real time and replies with a SIP response that telecom networks readily understand. The response tells the network to either complete good calls, block fraudulent calls and robocalls, or divert them to the TransNexus CAPTCHA gateway to request human interaction, which robocalls cannot provide.

ClearIP’s precise controls enable companies and service providers to perform reputation lookup for specific users or organizational groups. The database of numbers with a poor reputation is updated daily to keep robocall defense up-to-date and effective.