ClearIP 2018 Product of the Year award INTERNET TELEPHONY

ATLANTA, Georgia, March 6, 2018 — TransNexus announced today that TMC, a global, integrated media company, has named ClearIP as a recipient of a 2018 INTERNET TELEPHONY Product of the Year Award.

“We’re excited for ClearIP to be recognized as a Product of the Year by INTERNET TELEPHONY,” said Jim Dalton, CEO of TransNexus. “We think telecom service providers and enterprises with large telecom networks will love the capabilities ClearIP brings to help them protect and manage their telecom networks.”

“It gives me great pleasure to recognize TransNexus with a 2018 Product of the Year Award for its commitment to excellence and innovation,” said Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC. “In the opinion of our distinguished judges, ClearIP has proven to be among the best communications and technology solutions available on the market. I look forward to continued innovation from TransNexus.”

ClearIP is a new software product from TransNexus that protects Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) telecommunications networks from a variety of telecom fraud attack profiles quickly and automatically. The software works with standard Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) messages used in VoIP to detect and prevent fraud before the call is begun, providing the fastest fraud response available.

ClearIP provides other capabilities, including robocall screening and prevention, whitelisting/blacklisting using custom lists and TransNexus databases, reputation screening of telephone numbers, routing, and SIP analytics and reporting. In addition, ClearIP is the only fully-featured fraud management system that’s ready for secure caller ID using the STIR/SHAKEN framework for authentication and verification of caller ID.

Because it’s a cloud-based software product, ClearIP is quick-and-easy to setup, implement, use and maintain.

The winners of the 2018 INTERNET TELEPHONY Product of the Year will be featured in the 2018 March issue of INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine.

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