The CNAM service is used to look up the name of the calling party and present it to the called party. This lookup, or CNAM dip, is done by the terminating service provider. CNAM is typically offered as a value-added service to subscribers.

TransNexus software products can perform these CNAM dips. The CNAM is returned as the display name in the P-Asserted-Identity header.

The CNAM service can be configured for specific entities, including:

  • Called number
  • SBC
  • Service provider
  • Group
  • User
  • Calling country
  • Calling number

These granular controls enable telecom service providers or telecom administrators to provision CNAM service for subsets of inbound calls. For example, some service providers enable CNAM for subscribers who opt in for the value-add service.

Some service providers can get CNAM service from multiple providers at different rates. Some have realized significant cost savings by replacing high-cost CNAM providers with the TransNexus CNAM service.

CNAM provides caller name to encourage more answered calls