Travel business uses ClearIP to defeat TDoS attacks

A large travel agency conducts a significant share of its business over the telephone. Telephony Denial of Service (TDoS) attacks were crippling their ability to serve their customers. It was an existential threat to their business. They turned to TransNexus for help.


This business provides personalized concierge service over the telephone from real human beings—a key differentiator within their industry and value-add for their customers.

Unfortunately, their success also makes them a prime target for TDoS attacks.

“Internet vigilantes and extortionists target call centers,” said the agency manager. “Some are trying to disable their competitors, while others demand payment to stop the attacks.”

The scale of these attacks can be overwhelming. Hundreds of thousands of calls can flood the call center telephone network, effectively shutting it down.

Solution: ClearIP TDoS prevention

The agency contacted TransNexus for solutions. After reviewing their operation and the problems they were experiencing, we recommended TDoS prevention services using ClearIP.

“Set up was not difficult,” says the agency manager. “We have a moderately complex network using an Asterisk IP PBX as the base system. It was easy to customize this system as needed.”


Once the ClearIP TDoS prevention services were up and running, the attacks were thwarted. The agency was able to continue delivering the exceptional personalized service their customers expect.

“We still get attacked,” says the agency manager. “ClearIP takes care of most of the rogue calls, while our call center continues to function smoothly. We’ve been using ClearIP TDoS prevention for over a year now, and we’re happy with it. It’s been quite effective in identifying and blocking these attacks.”

 Travel business uses ClearIP to defeat TDoS attacks