New robocall legislation introduced in U.S. Congress

New legislation has been introduced in the U.S. Congress to expand and strengthen laws to combat illegal robocalls. Let’s have a look.

The new legislation is the Protecting American Consumers from Robocalls Act. It would amend the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and the Do-Not-Call registry in several key aspects:

  • Allows small businesses to add their numbers to the Do-Not-Call Registry.
  • Provides landline and cellular consumers, including small businesses, a private right of action for calls received in violation of the TCPA on telephone numbers they have listed on the Do-Not-Call Registry.
  • Ensured a minimum fine of $500 for each violation of the Do-Not-Call Registry.

The legislation was proposed by Senator Dick Durbin and House Representative Jan Schakowsky.

Senator Dick Durban

Sen. Dick Durbin

“By putting real enforcement behind each violation of the Do-Not-Call Registry,” said Durbin, “the Protecting American Consumers from Robocalls Act will protect Americans from the scammers on the other end of the phone line.”

Representative Jan Schakowsky

Rep. Jan Schakowsky

“The Protecting American Consumers from Robocalls Act will empower consumers and small businesses to seek damages after just one illegal robocall,” said Schakowsky. “We must act now to implement pro-consumer guardrails on these bad actors.”

Senate cosponsors include the following:

  • Tammy Duckworth
  • Mazie Hirono
  • Angus King
  • Edward Markey
  • Bernie Sanders
  • Tina Smith
  • Peter Welch

More information:

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