British wireless carrier to offer branded calling

A British wireless carrier has announced that it will support branded call delivery to its subscribers. This service will show subscribers the verified brand name of the calling party. This is expected to give customers confidence in who is calling and encourage them to answer the call.

Branded calling lets callers manage their calling identity, gives called parties the trust and confidence they need to answer their calls, and improves call completion.

O2 Brand ID

Telefónica UK Limited, operating as O2, announced that this service will be rolled out automatically from June 2024 for Android smartphone users and from September 2024 for Apple smartphone users.

The O2 press release cites research from Hiya that 46% of unidentified calls are ignored, while 92% of people suspect unidentified calls to be fraudulent.

O2 noted that around 150 U.K. businesses have signed up for the branded calling service, including major banks and insurers.

The branded calling benefits for consumers are increased confidence to answer branded calls with less worry of fraudulent call attempts.

For participating businesses that brand their calls, the benefits are the brand impressions given to subscribers and the resulting uptick in call completion and call back.

Branded Calling

Branded calling is envisioned to be an alternative to CNAM. With branded calling, the participating enterprise organization or business provides the branded caller name (and logo image and call reason in supported use cases). A branded calling provider or designated vetting agent vets the branded calling information to prevent unscrupulous spoofing.

Branded Calling technologies

Branded calling is supported in STIR/SHAKEN with the use of Rich Call Data (RCD).

In recent years, branded calling solutions have emerged in the marketplace. These solutions generally use proprietary out-of-band technology to deliver branded calling information.

CTIA — The Wireless association, launched an industry-led initiative called BCID - Branded Calling ID. This initiative aims to create a highly secure, non-proprietary branded calling ecosystem based on the Rich Call Data standards.

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