FTC report shows progress against illegal scam calls

The Federal Trade Commission issued a report on the Do Not Call (DNC) Registry. The report shows the trends in robocalls and telemarketing calls from live callers in fiscal 2023. Let’s have a look.

The FTC DNC Registry news release indicates that the overall number of complaints from DNC registrants was down in FY 2023, which ended in September 2023.

Do Not Call Registry complaint trends in FY 2023

The FTC DNC report draws on data from the Do Not Call Registry Data Book. Here are a few key trends.

DNC total complaints down slightly

Do Not Call Complaints, Stacked Bar Chart

Figure 1. Do Not Call Complaints, Stacked Bar Chart

The stacked bar chart in Figure 1 shows complaints filed by consumers registered on the Do Not Call Registry. By stacking complaints correlated with calls from live callers and robocalls, we can see the trends for total Do Not Call complaints.

Notice that the total height of the stacked bars is fairly level with a slight downward trend.

DNC robocall complaints down

Do Not Call Complaints, Line Chart

Figure 2. Do Not Call Complaints, Line Chart

Figure 2 shows the same data presented as a line chart. This makes it easier to see the separate trends for Do Not Call complaints correlated with calls from live callers and robocalls.

Notice the slight downward trend in robocalls (dark blue line) and the linear trend line for robocalls (dotted blue line). In contrast, the number of complaints for calls made by live callers seems fairly level.

The good news is that DNC robocall complaints are trending downward slightly. The FTC can claim some credit for this for having joined with federal and state law enforcement partners in a crackdown on illegal telemarketing which they dubbed “Operation Stop Scam Calls.”

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