FCC issues ruling on AI-generated voice calls

The FCC issued a Declaratory Ruling on voice calls generated using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the application of the Commission’s rules on the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). Let’s have a look.

The Declaratory Ruling confirms that the TCPA’s restrictions on the use of “artificial or prerecorded voice” apply to AI technologies that generate human voices. As a result:

  • The Commission’s TCPA rules apply to calls that use AI-generated voice.
  • As with other calls covered by the TCPA, callers must obtain the prior express consent of the called party to initiate such calls (without an emergency purpose or exemption).

The Commission’s news release states that the “FCC Makes AI-Generated Voices in Robocalls Illegal.” Actually, such calls are illegal if they do not meet the same TCPA requirements that cover other artificial or prerecorded calls.

This Declaratory Ruling was effective upon release, which was on February 8, 2024.

new rules in three-dimensional block letters

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