Real-world AI use discussed at Crexendo NetSapiens UGM

Crexendo held their NetSapiens User Group Meeting (UGM) recently. With innovative, entrepreneurial service providers driving NetSapiens to be the fastest-growing CPaaS platform in the industry, there was a lot to be learned from UGM attendees. Let’s have a look.

The UGM event included an interesting session on the Impacts of AI: Navigating the Evolution of Communication. This session described the real-world experiences of panel members leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their businesses.


Panelists on the Impacts of AI

From left to right, the panelists included:

AI experiences

Ray Orsini uses AI extensively in his business. “AI tools are like a really good intern.” They can do a lot of good work, but it must be checked by an experienced manager.

Ray cautioned that you need to define policies in your organization about who can use AI and how it can be used. For example, one should not use OpenAI with private information such as trouble tickets. Instead, use Azure ChatGPT or something similar that enables you to keep the information private.

Virginia Ashley uses TransNexus fraud control, which uses automated learning to prevent telecom fraud attacks. The software has significantly reduced fraud. Virginia said that fraud control requires minimal human intervention to manage fraud events.

By the way, Jason Byrne, the moderator, asked the audience how many were using TransNexus fraud prevention solutions, and over half the attendees raised their hands. It was gratifying to see so many Crexendo NetSapiens customers using our solutions to protect their subscribers and networks from telecom toll fraud attacks.

Robert Galop routinely uses AI tools to get immediate results for tasks that otherwise would require a dozen hours or more for data collection and synthesis. Robert said that AI tools are very useful for writing the first draft of press releases. However, you must edit the AI-generated text.

Sumner Robinson said that his developers use ChatGPT regularly to write routine software code. It frees up their time to focus on the more complicated, innovative software applications.

Sumner cautioned the audience to beware of “AI hallucination.” For example, if you asked an AI to write a profile on Sumner Robinson, the AI might look at the certifications of Sumner Robinson’s peers and assume he has the same certifications.

chatbot interaction

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