The evolution of SHAKEN implementation claims

STIR/SHAKEN implementation claims certified in the Robocall Mitigation Database (RMD) are evolving. This article reviews the trends.

Complete SHAKEN claims are dropping

Figure 1. Complete SHAKEN Claims Have Dropped Since November 2021

Figure 1 shows the implementation percentages of new RMD filings in the U.S. by month. Complete SHAKEN claims peaked in November and have declined since then.

As complete SHAKEN claims have fallen, the no-SHAKEN claims have risen. Partial SHAKEN claims have hovered around 19%.


Behind the data

What’s behind these numbers? Ordinarily, one might assume that the numbers rose as voice service providers implemented SHAKEN. Complete SHAKEN filings were at their lowest point in June, the month of the implementation deadline. Since then, they rose dramatically up to November. The ecosystem is growing.

That might be part of the explanation. However, another contributing factor is likely the number of providers that arranged for a downstream provider to sign their calls using the downstream provider’s STI certificate.

In February 2022, the FCC sent emails to these providers asking them to explain how they could have implemented SHAKEN if they apparently are not an authorized SHAKEN provider registered with the STI Policy Administrator.

What’s next

There are other contributing factors in play that will pull these numbers in different directions:

  • Some small providers have been changing their RMD filing from complete SHAKEN to no SHAKEN in response to the email from the FCC. This drives the number of complete SHAKEN filings downward.
  • Non-facilities-based small providers must implement SHAKEN by June 30, 2022. This should drive complete SHAKEN upward as more small providers enter the SHAKEN ecosystem.
  • Small facilities-based providers will implement SHAKEN in response to market forces. SHAKEN participation goes up.
  • With the availability of non-IP SHAKEN methods, the FCC begins to phase out the non-IP SHAKEN exclusion. Participation goes up a lot.

How will the timing of these factors play against each other? We’re not sure, but it will be interesting to watch.

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