Reassigned Numbers Database price changes

The FCC announced a price change for the Reassigned Numbers Database (RND). The change was touted as making the RND more affordable. However, we ran the numbers and found that prices won’t go down for everyone. Let’s have a look.

The RND is an important tool to gain safe harbor protection from TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) legal action. As TCPA defense lawyer Eric Troutman wrote, “TCPA wrong number class cases remain the most dangerous of all TCPA cases… Use the Reassigned Numbers Database. It exists for a reason.”


Current RND Pricing

TiersPrice/QueryDiscountMax Queries/MonthMonthly Price
Extra Small0.010001,000$10.00
Extra Large0.0020080%10,000,000$20,000.00

Table 1 shows the current pricing. There are six tiers. (The published pricing table also includes columns for 3-month and 6-month prices, but we omitted them because they are just multiples of the 1-month prices.)

New RND Pricing

TierPrice/QueryDiscountMax Queries/MonthMonthly PricePrice Change
Tier 10.010001,000$10.000%
Tier 20.0075025%10,000$75.000%
Tier 30.0070030%50,000$350.0040%
Tier 40.0065035%200,000$1,300.0030%
Tier 50.0050050%500,000$2,500.000%
Tier 60.0020080%2,000,000$4,000.00-20%
Tier 70.0017083%6,000,000$10,200.00-15%
Tier 80.0015085%10,000,000$15,000.00-25%
Tier 90.0010090%30,000,000$30,000.00-15%
Tier 100.0009091%50,000,000$45,000.00-23%

Table 2 shows the new pricing, which will go into effect on April 27, 2022. There will be ten tiers.

We added a to the right, Price Change, which compares the new prices with current prices at the maximum monthly queries. For example, 50,000 queries/month would put a subscriber in the Medium tier with current pricing. They would pay 0.005/query. However, they would fall into Tier 3 under the new pricing, where the price is 0.007/query, a 40% price increase.

Figure 1 illustrates these price change percentages at each new tier.

RND Price Changes by Tier

subscribers will pay more at the lower volume tiers

Figure 1. Subscribers Will Pay More at the Lower Volume Tiers

Notice that a subscriber would pay the same price at Tier 1, 2 and 5 with both current and new pricing. However, a subscriber would pay more at Tiers 3 and 4. This is because there are more tiers.

With the current pricing, subscribers at Tiers 3 and 4 drop down to the Medium Tier price, which is much lower price than the new prices at Tiers 3 and 4.

The big price drops appear in Tiers 6–10. The average price change for all tiers is -3%.

arrows pointing up and down

Policy clarification

The Commission provided a brief policy clarification to explain that a caller that uses a calling agent to query the RND on their behalf is still eligible for safe harbor protection as long as they otherwise meet the safe harbor criteria.

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