Notice of retraction

A November 14, 2022 post on the TransNexus website blog entitled “Robocall friendly provider says legal environment is brutal” inadvertently contained certain errors or insufficiently supported statements that we would like to retract.


  1. The blog post published excerpts of alleged Skype call exchanges that were recited in a publicly filed Verified Petition by the Indiana Attorney General against a company called One Eye, LLC. In preparing and publishing those excerpts the blog post inadvertently, but incorrectly, attributed the alleged exchanges as being between a person named Michael Lansky and a person named Prince Anand, whereas the Attorney General Petition involving One Eye, LLC instead indicates that such Skype call exchanges were with an individual other than a person named Michael Lansky.
  2. The blog post referred to alleged business relationships among several companies and individuals, including a person named Michael Lansky, a company called Avid Telecom, and other individuals and companies. These statements were based on information taken from public documents that TransNexus believed to be correct but which TransNexus later realized contained insufficient information to conclude that all the noted business relationships existed among such individuals and companies.

After becoming aware of these factual errors and other concerns in the blog post, TransNexus promptly removed the blog post on November 16, 2022.

TransNexus intended no ill will toward any person or entity mentioned in the post. TransNexus fully retracts, and apologizes for, the above-referenced inaccurate statements made in the blog post.