Impact of FCC challenges to robocall mitigation filings

We’ve heard that the FCC recently began challenging robocall mitigation filings. The impact is already showing up in the Robocall Mitigation Database. Let’s have a look.

FCC challenging some complete SHAKEN claims

We heard that the FCC recently began sending emails to organizations that registered in the Robocall Mitigation Database with a claim that they did a complete SHAKEN implementation.

In these emails, FCC staffers asked the robocall mitigation contact to explain why the provider certified to a complete SHAKEN implementation in the Robocall Mitigation Database (RMD) without registering with the STI Policy Administrator to participate in SHAKEN.

The results

There has been a change in the pattern of RMD filings starting around February 6, 2022:

ImplementationThrough Feb 5, 2022Since Feb 6, 2022Change
No SHAKEN40%52%+12%
Complete SHAKEN28%17%-11%
Partial SHAKEN22%22%

There has been about a 12% swing in robocall mitigation filings away from complete SHAKEN to no SHAKEN claims.

From February 6, 2022, there have been 125 No SHAKEN filings from U.S. providers; 101 of those were modifications of previous filings, leaving 24 new No SHAKEN filings.

There are still about 1,635 filings in the RMD from U.S. providers that claim a complete SHAKEN implementation yet only 434 authorized providers listed on the STI Policy Administrator website.

Although some of the authorized SHAKEN providers cover many RMD filings, we still might see more changes to implementation claims over the next few weeks.

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