Do Not Call Registry access fee changes

Access fees for the Do Not Call (DNC) Registry, an important resource for regulatory compliance and legal risk mitigation, are changing soon. Here’s an overview.

ItemFY 2023 costFY 2022 costChange
First five area codes downloadedFreeFree0%
Each additional area code, full year$75$69+8.7%
Each additional area code, half year$38$35+8.6%
Maximum charge for all area codes$20,740$19,017+9%

Here’s the Telemarketing Sales Rule – Do Not Call Registry fee changes notice published in the Federal Register.

The fee change takes effect on October 1, 2022, the first day of FY 2023.

FTC enforcement

The FTC takes aggressive legal action against telemarketers and providers for DNC Registry violations.

In a recent case, a VoIP provider was fined $3.2 million for “knowing or consciously avoiding knowing” that they were transporting illegal calls to numbers on the DNC Registry. The forfeiture was suspended based on the VoIP provider’s inability to pay. The FTC has proposed settling the complaint with an agreement to stop illegal calls and implement a robocall mitigation program.

How does a provider stay out of trouble for DNC Registry violations? By implementing a robocall mitigation plan that includes these features:

  • Vet your customers and upstream providers.
    • Do callers comply with requirements to use the DNC Registry?
    • Do upstream providers require their callers to comply with DNC Registry requirements?
  • Monitor call traffic and investigate signs of suspicious robocalls.

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