June 2021 STIR/SHAKEN statistics

We examined SHAKEN call statistics from our ClearIP customers in June. They received signed calls from 131 originating providers in June, which gives us insight into trends in SHAKEN usage. We looked at similar statistics in March–April and again in May. Let’s have a look.

Verification statuses

What proportion of terminated calls were signed? Of the signed calls, were there any verification errors?

Verification status details

Verification statusMar–AprMayJuneTrend
No PASSporT97.149131%93.624665%90.575572%
Certificate chain error0.013079%0.100030%0.000103%
Called number mismatch0.001151%0.064497%0.393571%
Calling number mismatch0.003335%0.012633%0.075460%
Invalid info parameter in Identity header0.003049%0.001455%0.002544%
Certificate repository error0.000280%0.000918%0.001901%
Invalid iat in PASSporT0.000052%0.000173%0.003268%
Invalid orig in PASSporT0.000033%0.000060%0.000259%
Malformed Identity header0.000259%
Invalid ppt in PASSporT0.000259%
Invalid dest in PASSporT0.000259%

Verification status trend summary

MonthNo PASSporTSuccessfulErrors

SHAKEN trends March–June 2021

SHAKEN trends March-June 2021


  • The percentage of unsigned calls dropped about 3.3% per month.
  • The percentage of signed calls increased about 3.1% per month.
  • The percentage of signed calls with errors increased about 0.2% per month.
    • The error rates are small, but increasing.
    • There were three new errors types in June.
  • Most of the PASSporTs with a verification status of Certificate chain error were signed with a self-signed certificate. This error has been trending down, and dropped significantly in June.
  • Most of the PASSporTs with a verification status of Called number mismatch had an invalid number in the dest claim of the PASSporT. This error has been trending up, and increased significantly in June.
  • Most of the PASSporTs with a verification status of Calling number mismatch had a valid number in the orig claim of the PASSporT but had anonymous in the From and/or P-Asserted-Identity header. This error increased sharply from April to May, but has decreased in June.
bar chart

Attestation levels

What attestation levels are originating service providers using?

Attestation levels

Attestation levelMar–AprMayJuneTrend
A — full98.919207%98.656891%89.242506%
B — partial0.731490%0.982837%3.540120%
C — gateway0.349303%0.360271%7.217374%

This is an interesting trend. Full attestations started very high in April, dropped slightly in May, then dropped significantly in June. Gateway attestations picked up most of the difference, and partial attestations are emerging.

Originating service providers signing calls

There were many more Originating Service Providers (OSPs) signing calls in June than in previous months.

Originating Service Providers signing calls


The number of OSPs doubled in May, and more than doubled again in June. Impressive growth, and more to come:

  • There are 295 authorized service providers listed on the Policy Administrator website as of this publication date.
  • As of July 1, 2021, 1,025 U.S. service providers had certified that they have either a partial or complete implementation of SHAKEN.
  • Click to view Originating Service Providers that signed calls in June 2021

    Proportion of all successfully verified, inbound, off-net calls received by ClearIP customers

    OSP SPCLERG nameCertificate repository% of all verified calls
    6529T-MOBILE USA, INC.cert.stir.t-mobile.com46.887841%
    5807CELLCO PARTNERSHIP DBA VERIZON WIRELESS - NEsti.verizon.com31.285334%
    8826LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS, LLC - CAcr.ccid.neustar.biz4.214945%
    7610COMCAST PHONE OF CALIFORNIA, LLC - CAsticr.stir.comcast.com3.996215%
    506JTWILIO INTERNATIONAL INCcr.ccid.neustar.biz2.777182%
    5606CHARTER FIBERLINK CCO, LLCshaken.spectrum.com1.453656%
    063EPEERLESS NETWORK OF ILLINOIS, LLC - ILcr.ccid.neustar.biz1.117644%
    997EBANDWIDTH.COM CLEC, LLC - NYbw-shaken-cert-pub.s3.amazonaws.com0.833392%
    224CONVOY, LLCcr-partner.ccid.neustar.biz0.672085%
    1640ARMOUR INDEPENDENT TEL CO DBA GOLDEN WEST TELCOMMcertificates.clearip.com0.581718%
    6349UNITED STATES CELLULAR - ORcrs.sti.uscellular.com0.564181%
    1680VENTURE COMMUNICATIONS COOPERATIVEcertificates.clearip.com0.444707%
    886GRCLEC, INC. - CAcr.ccid.neustar.biz0.420289%
    7661COX CALIFORNIA TELCOM, L.L.C. - CAcr.ccid.neustar.biz0.410181%
    502JPIRATEL LLCcertificates.piratel.com0.335038%
    1642ALLIANCE COMMUNICATIONS COOPERATIVE, INC. (BALTIC)certificates.clearip.com0.313907%
    1676SANTEL COMMUNICATIONS COOPERATIVE, INC. - SDcertificates.clearip.com0.277371%
    073HTELNYX LLCcertificates.transnexus.com0.266045%
    1669TRIOTEL COMMUNICATIONS, INC.certificates.clearip.com0.250943%
    4151PAETEC COMMUNICATIONS, INC.cr.ccid.neustar.biz0.238886%
    551GBRIGHTLINK COMMUNICATIONS, LLCcertificates.transnexus.com0.231457%
    996HAIRESPRING INCcr.sansay.com0.231457%
    689Jcr.xcastlabs.net, cr.sansay.com0.225003%
    583jBROADBAND DYNAMICS, LLCcr.sansay.com0.221349%
    363AIDT AMERICA CORPORATIONcr.sansay.com0.110218%
    520FDIGITALIPVOICE, INC. - FLcr.ccid.neustar.biz0.108574%
    1088WABASH TEL. COOP., INC.certificates.clearip.com0.099927%
    324EYMAX COMMUNICATIONS CORP. - NVsns.magicjack.com0.081780%
    1689WEST RIVER COOPERATIVE TELEPHONE COMPANYcertificates.clearip.com0.065765%
    1637WEST RIVER TELECOMMUNICATIONS COOPERATIVEcertificates.clearip.com0.051942%
    7126CABLEVISION LIGHTPATH, INC. - NYcr.ccid.alticeusa.com0.049385%
    1674RC TECHNOLOGIEScertificates.clearip.com0.046462%
    599JTECHNOLOGY INNOVATION LAB LLCcertificates.clearip.com, cr.sansay.com0.043235%
    683GINTRADO COMMUNICATIONS LLCcr.ccid.neustar.biz0.040738%
    8052GRANITE TELECOMMUNICATIONS LLCcr.ccid.neustar.biz0.033431%
    5113CONSOLIDATED COMM OF NO. NEW ENGLAND-NHcr.sansay.com0.030934%
    969HGOOGLEVOICE INC.www.gstatic.com0.026976%
    7453US TELEPACIFIC CORP. - CAcertificates.clearip.com0.026672%
    745BCROCKER TELECOMMUNICATIONS, LLC - MAcertificates.clearip.com0.026428%
    7615RCN TELECOM SERVICES OF PENNSYLVANIA, INC.sti-cr.cgah.tnsi.com0.023444%
    7804TDS METROCOM INC. - WIsti-cr.cgah.tnsi.com0.023322%
    4036NEW CINGULAR WIRELESS PCS, LLC - DCcert.sticr.att.net0.023140%
    345JOOMA INC.certificates.transnexus.com0.022470%
    0172BROADRIVER COMMUNICATION CORPORATIONcertificates.transnexus.com0.020034%
    573JVOYANT COMMUNICATIONS LLCcr-partner.ccid.neustar.biz0.019425%
    1649BERESFORD MUNICIPAL TEL. CO.certificates.clearip.com0.018268%
    596JNOBELBIZ INCcr.sansay.com0.016441%
    597FVOIP INNOVATIONS LLCcr.sansay.com0.014067%
    366GUSA DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONS, INC.certificates.clearip.com0.013458%
    6581CELLULAR SOUTH, INC.sti-cr.cgah.tnsi.com0.013214%
    700HMETRO FIBERNET, LLCcertificates.clearip.com0.012544%
    1653CITY OF FAITH MUNICIPAL TEL. CO.certificates.clearip.com0.012301%
    1668KENNEBEC TEL. CO.certificates.clearip.com0.012240%
    548JQUALITY VOICE & DATA INCcertificates.clearip.com0.012179%
    033HGETGO COMMUNICATIONS LLC - CAcr.ccid.neustar.biz0.011753%
    006EFRONTIER COMMUNICATIONS OF AMERICA, INC. - CAcr.ccid.neustar.biz0.011022%
    892eDYNALINK COMMUNICATIONS, INC. - PAcr.sansay.com0.010169%
    193E8X8 INCcertificates.transnexus.com0.010048%
    7379MATRIX TELECOM, LLC. S/I/I TNCI - CAcr.sansay.com0.009743%
    691ADAYSTARR, LLC DBA DAYSTARR COMMUNICATIONS - MIcertificates.clearip.com0.009134%
    469AT3 COMMUNICATIONS, INC. - FLcertificates.clearip.com0.008647%
    178HINTELEPEER CLOUD COMMUNICATIONS LLCcr.ccid.neustar.biz0.006516%
    8526METROPOLITAN TELECOMMUNICATIONS - NYcertificates.transnexus.com0.006333%
    7785GCI COMMUNICATION CORP. DBA GENERAL COMMUNICATIONsti-cr.cgah.tnsi.com0.006211%
    0546SANDHILL TEL. COOP., INC.certificates.clearip.com0.004932%
    023bBIG RIVER TELEPHONE COMPANY, LLC - MOcr.ccid.neustar.biz0.004628%
    012JAPEIRON SYSTEMS INCcr.sansay.com0.003532%
    672BCLEAR RATE COMMUNICATIONS, INC. - MIcertificates.clearip.com0.003349%
    600FCBTS TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS LLC - OHsti-cr.cgah.tnsi.com0.003227%
    9107DIGITAL AGENT, LLC. - GAcertificates.clearip.com0.002618%
    187JNOBLE SYSTEMS COMMUNICATIONS LLCcr.sansay.com0.002558%
    9555INTRADO COMMUNICATIONS, LLCcr.ccid.neustar.biz0.002497%
    7459HANCOCK COMMUNICATIONS, INC. - INcertificates.clearip.com0.002314%
    856HMIX NETWORKS INCcertificates.clearip.com0.002253%
    597JCOMPUTER TELEPHONY INNOVATIONS INC. DBA VOXTELESYScertificates.transnexus.com0.002131%
    925CCONSOLIDATED TELEPHONE COMPANY - MNcr-partner.ccid.neustar.biz0.001888%
    139FWORLDCALL INTERCONNECT INC.cr.sansay.com0.001644%
    014EIDEATEK TELCOM, LLC - KScertificates.clearip.com0.001461%
    786EBLOCK LINE SYSTEMS, LLCsti-cr.cgah.tnsi.com0.001461%
    1442NEW ULM TELECOM, INC.cr-partner.ccid.neustar.biz0.001401%
    406HCYBERNET COMMUNICATIONS, INC. - CAcr-partner.ccid.neustar.biz0.001340%
    567GTELIAX, INC. - COcr.ccid.neustar.biz0.001218%
    382GTERRA NOVA TELECOM, INC. - FLcr.sansay.com0.001096%
    495JSTRATUS NETWORKScertificates.clearip.com0.001035%
    0127WINN TELEPHONE COMPANY DBA WINN TELECOM - MIcertificates.clearip.com0.000974%
    854DXTEL COMMUNICATIONS, INC.certificates.clearip.com0.000913%
    402EIP NETWORKED SERVICES INCcr.ccid.neustar.biz0.000792%
    6874N.E. COLORADO CELLULAR, INC.sti-cr.cgah.tnsi.com0.000731%
    665ESIGECOM, LLC DBA WOW INTERNET CABLE AND PHONEsti-cr.cgah.tnsi.com0.000670%
    8812SOUTH DAKOTA NETWORK, LLCcertificates.clearip.com0.000670%
    2116MUENSTER TELEPHONE CORP. OF TEXAS DBA NORTEX COMMcertificates.clearip.com0.000609%
    418CARMSTRONG TELECOMMUNICATIONS, INC.cr.ccid.neustar.biz0.000548%
    521FENA SERVICES LLCsti-cr.cgah.tnsi.com0.000548%
    065JONE RING NETWORKS, INC.certificates.clearip.com0.000487%
    9451EXCEL TELECOMMUNICATIONS, INC.cr.sansay.com0.000426%
    546JFOSTERDANOWSKY, LLPcr.ccid.neustar.biz0.000365%
    2452WHIDBEY TEL. CO.certificates.clearip.com0.000365%
    763HIP GLOBAL NETWORKS - TXcr.ccid.neustar.biz0.000304%
    610JMULTITEL LLCcertificates.clearip.com0.000244%
    472CHRS INTERNET LLC DBA EVERSTREAMsti-cr.cgah.tnsi.com0.000244%
    7076MIDCONTINENT COMMUNICATIONS. - SDcr.ccid.neustar.biz0.000244%
    1784SOUTH CAROLINA NET, INC. - SCsti-cr.cgah.tnsi.com0.000183%
    5512POPP COMMUNICATIONS - MNcertificates.clearip.com0.000183%
    815G382 NETWORKS, INC. - FLcertificates.transnexus.com0.000183%
    1845WAMEGO TEL. CO., INC.cr-partner.ccid.neustar.biz0.000183%
    1412KASSON & MANTORVILLE TEL. CO.cr-partner.ccid.neustar.biz0.000183%
    8091SASKATCHEWAN TELEPHONE COMPANYcertificates.clearip.com0.000122%
    4156TEKSTAR COMMUNICATIONS, INC.certificates.clearip.com0.000061%
    1501WEST CENTRAL TEL. ASSN.cr-partner.ccid.neustar.biz0.000061%
    1475RUNESTONE TELEPHONE ASSOCIATIONcr-partner.ccid.neustar.biz0.000061%
    549JAMPLEX ELECTRIC, INC. DBA AMPLEX INTERNETcertificates.clearip.com0.000061%
    7914EASTON TELECOM SERVICES, INC.cr-partner.ccid.neustar.biz0.000061%
    159HSMARTEDGENET LLCcertificates.transnexus.com0.000061%
    1390FEDERATED TEL. COOP.cr-partner.ccid.neustar.biz0.000061%
    1358BLUE EARTH VALLEY TEL. CO.cr-partner.ccid.neustar.biz0.000061%
    0401DUO COUNTY TEL. COOP., INC.sti-cr.cgah.tnsi.com0.000061%

Because access to numbers is no longer a requirement to receive and Service Provider Code token, some Service Provider Codes are not in the LERG. We left the LERG company name blank for those providers in this table.

Note that the above data reflects both call volume and SHAKEN activity. The data shows the proportion of successfully verified calls received by ClearIP customers for each originating service provider as a percentage of all successfully verified calls.

If a small number of calls were received from an originating service provider, then percentage of successfully verified calls received by ClearIP customers would be low, even if the originating service provider signed a high percentage of their outbound calls.

The above data includes only originating service providers that had at least one successfuly verified call received by a ClearIP customer.

Certificate repositories caching and latency

What are typical certificate latencies, i.e., time-to-fetch, and why? This was one of the most surprising results in both the March/April and May statistics. Several Certificate Repositories were adding significant latency and post dial delay to calls because they were not set up to use cache control.

Latency has generally improved for certificate repositories that have been up and running for a while. It seems they have tuned their cache control. Some of the newer certificate repositories have less caching and higher average latency.

Certificate Repository caching and latency

Certificate repository% of all verified callsCache hit %↑ Avg latency (milliseconds)Avg latency excluding cache hits (milliseconds)

Retrieving a certificate from a certificate repository takes time, or latency, which increases Post-Dial Delay (PDD). If a certificate is cached by the STI-VS, then it does not need to be retrieved.

A certificate repository can be configured to provide a Cache-Control HTTP header, which tells the STI-VS how long to cache the certificate after retrieving it. If a certificate repository does not provide the Cache-Control header, the STI-VS does not cache the certificate or caches the certificate for only a short time.

Note that the ClearIP STI-VS caches certificates for 60 minutes if the Cache-Control header is not set by the certificate repository or if the Cache-Control header contains a value of less than 60 minutes.


  • The proportion of signed calls has increased about 3% per month.
  • SHAKEN verification errors have increased about 0.2% per month.
  • Full attestations are down but still dominate. Gateway and partial attestations have increased.
  • There are more OSPs signing calls (131). Still a long way to go to match the number of authorized service providers (295) and the number of U.S. providers that certified they’ve implemented SHAKEN (1,025).
  • Several certificate repositories have improved caching and decreased latency. Some of the newer certificate repositories have not yet done this.

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