SHAKEN for TDM podcast

In this audio podcast, Andrew Ward and Alec Fenichel discuss the two new standards that enable using SHAKEN with calls that transit TDM segments along their call path. These standards enable much broader, widespread use of SHAKEN call authentication to help combat illegal robocalls.

There’s something in this podcast for everyone, from a simple overview of what these methods do, to a discussion of typical questions that listeners with deep technical knowledge may have.

Topics covered

  • Two new ATIS standards and technical report for SHAKEN for TDM
    • Extending STIR/SHAKEN over TDM
    • Out-of-Band SHAKEN
  • How these methods work
  • SHAKEN with call forwarding—the DIV PASSporT
  • Coming enhancements to the Extending SHAKEN method
  • How the Out-of-Band CPS (Call Placement Service) network works
    • Discovery
    • Replication across the CPS network
    • Does the timing work?
    • Could a bad actor leverage PASSporTs in the CPS network?
    • Access credentials and security of the CPS network
  • Predictions for the future of illegal robocalls and evolution of the SHAKEN ecosystem

Andrew Ward, Alec Fenichel

Award Consulting is a team of expert telecoms engineers focused on serving ILECs and CLECs in North America. They are the leading independent experts in Metaswitch products.

This podcast is part of a podcast series hosted by Andrew Ward, VoIP for Independent Telecoms.

TransNexus solutions

We offer STIR/SHAKEN and robocall mitigation solutions in our ClearIP and NexOSS software platforms. We can make your STIR/SHAKEN deployment a smooth process.

We provide an STI-CPS, the TransNexus CPS, which is available to any SHAKEN-authorized service provider free of charge. It’s part of the national network of STI-CPSs. We can also provide a private STI-CPS, either hosted or on-premises, to service providers.

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