FCC proposes rules on SHAKEN certificate revocation

The FCC issued a Second Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (FNPR) on January 14, 2021, regarding SHAKEN certificate revocation. Here’s an overview.


STIR/SHAKEN call authentication relies on a governance framework to maintain trust and accountability.

Triangle of Trust

Triangle of Trust

The governance framework includes:

  • Governance authority (STI-GA). Sets policies and appoints a Policy Administrator.
  • Policy administrator (STI-PA). Vets and approves certificate authorities and service providers to participate in the SHAKEN ecosystem.
  • Certificate authorities (STI-CA). Issue SHAKEN certificates to approved service providers.
  • Service providers. Create SHAKEN PASSporTs to attest to call authentication. The PASSporT is cryptographically signed and includes a reference to the SHAKEN certificate that relying parties use to verify the authentication.

The STI-GA has established a revocation policy, which allows the STI-PA to suspend or revoke a Service Provider’s ability to participate in the STIR/SHAKEN ecosystem. These actions are reviewable by the STI-GA.

FCC proposes rules on SHAKEN certificate revocation for noncompliance

Proposed rules

In their Second FNPR, the Commission proposed the following rules:

  • They continue to refrain from unduly intruding on the private STIR/SHAKEN governance structure.
  • However, the FCC has a role in reviewing the STI-GA’s decision to revoke a service provider’s SPC token because this would place the provider out of compliance with FCC rules.
  • Therefore, the proposed rule would allow review by the Wireline Competition Bureau.
    • Requests for review that raise novel questions of fact, law or policy would be considered by the full Commission.
  • Any appeal to or review by the Commission must first exhaust all review by the STI-GA’s review process.
  • A service provider would not maintain the right to use an SPC token that had been revoked while appealing to the Commission.
  • A service provider would not be judged to be in violation of Commission rules until the Commission completes review.

The Commission seeks comments on these proposed rules.

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