USTelecom applies for the Traceback Consortium role

In response to the FCC public notice on April 20, USTelecom filed a letter of intent on May 21 to serve as the registered traceback consortium required by the TRACED Act. USTelecom currently administers the Industry Traceback Group, a collaborative effort of voice service providers to trace the source of illegal robocalls.

In their letter of intent, USTelecom outlined how they satisfy the requirements to serve as the registered traceback consortium. These requirements include:

USTelecom Industry Traceback Group
  1. Neutral party
  2. Competent to manage traceback efforts
  3. Include written best practices
  4. Will focus on fraudulent, abusive, or unlawful traffic in the role
  5. Intends to conduct traceback efforts in advance of registration as the consortium
  6. Statement that it will remain in compliance with statutory requirements, conduct an annual review for compliance, and promptly notify the Commission of any changes that bear on its certification.

USTelecom also provided the Industry Traceback Group’s Policies and Procedures. This document explains how cooperative voice service providers work together to traceback suspicious traffic and identify non-cooperative voice service providers that put such calls on the network or do not cooperate with traceback efforts.

 USTelecom files letter of intent