NexOSS enhancement highlights

We want to share with you highlights of updates to our NexOSS software product during the past year. There have been many, but there are a few performance and functionality enhancements that we want to highlight.

  1. Faster CDR processing. We’ve tuned this for performance, and we’re seeing jobs finish as much as five times faster than before.
  2. Reduced host server memory requirements by as much as 50%.
  3. Reduce time to build large Least Cost Routing tables by as much as 90%.
  4. Added an interface for near real time local number portability updates from 10X People, a provider of LNP products and services and a TransNexus solution partner.
  5. Added integration with the SHAKEN Policy Administrator (STI-PA) and Certificate Authorities (STI-CAs) for STIR/SHAKEN processing.

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NexOSS update highlights